faq_icon FAQ For Students

1. How do I pay for the courses?

There will be an initial registration fee for each course. Fees may be paid in monthly installments. The course fees vary according to courses, and details can be obtained from the registrations desk.

2. Do I need to pay for every month?

Yes, but if you do not attend all classes in a given month, such months will not be counted. If you do not attend classes for a continuous period of 6th Months, your registration will automatically be cancelled and you will need to re-register.

3. Do I get any printed material?

Yes, depending on the course and the duration the type of materials will vary. The handouts and their content were designed by the respective course lecturers. Most courses carry booklets pertaining to each module of a subject, and additional material such as model papers.

4. What If lost my ID?

Your ID is essential for gaining entry to the Sakya Building. It also acts as the entry mechanism for classes, since class attendance is bar-code monitored. If you lose your ID, you have to re-apply for a card, for which a fee will be charged.

5. What if I lose any valuables in the class?

All items found are kept at the Registrations Desk. Kindly contact them to find out whether it has been found.

faq_icon FAQ For Parents

1. Can I find out about my child’s attendance?

Yes you can call on 2814908 and inquire on your child’s attendance. You will need to quote the student ID number (Number appearing under the Bar-code). We maintain a computerized log of attendance, you can find out information on attendance up to a year.

2. Can I wait inside the building while my child is in a class?

No, as security measure we regret that we do not allow parents to stay inside the premises. This is to ensure the security of all students within the premises.

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